Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This fish taco blogger heads to the burbs.

The word on the street is that the best fish tacos around these parts are actually found out somewhere deep in the county - a scary concept for this city girl. But when my original fish taco compatriot rolled into town, we knew we had to sample the fabled suburban tacos. We however failed to realize that in the county places are usually closed on Sundays. After some aimless driving around we finally stumbled upon another fish taco serving establishment - Mi Lupita in Ballwin, MO. Located in a strip mall - is there anything else in the county? - the interior is surprisingly inviting. The fish tacos, however, are as bland as the burbs themselves. Some random frozen breaded fish topped with iceberg lettuce, yellow cheese and tomato (no sauce!) and served on a flour tortilla. Comes with rice and beans. Reminded us of middle school cafeteria food. Just look at the photo, I have nothing further to write. It will be a while before I brave the county again...

15307 Manchester Road
Ballwin, MO 63011
(636) 394-8686

1.5 out of 5 fishies.

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